Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development: Plug into the Future!

Indeed that is an interesting fact that most businesses across the globe are coming to terms to. With most people in the developing world leapfrogging directly onto smartphones leaving behind landlines and ordinary handsets altogether, the time has come for a change. Change not just in thinking but in the way business models are being structured. When the internet came on to the arena, businesses adapted to the web and developed supply chain models and delivered through the web; but this time the market is bigger and the demand will far outstrip supply as users have the online merchant stores at their fingertips.

Productivity at the speed of thought

This is exactly what mobile applications do to the overall productivity and efficiency of an enterprise. Think about any business or personal need and you will find several paid and free applications that will emerge in search results that will precisely offer just what you need. With only a few touch-strokes, you can install the application and get it running. An example will illustrate this better.

  • Let us assume that you and your friends are on a weight loss spree and you want to see how you fare on the weight loss objective.
  • All your friends can download any weight loss application like FitBit or Pedometer that will calculate the number of walking steps you took in a day, how much sleep you had, how many steps your friends took and how much calories you lost vis-à-vis your friends.
  • Such a tool can be a great motivator for those facing the challenge of losing weight.
  • The best part is that these applications are free and make money by in-app advertising of various related products, thereby getting more visibility for the brands operating in this industry.

The Platform Play

This has assumed centre-stage in the telecom-media–technology space as companies are offering lower price handsets to reach out to the bottom of the pyramid. While some others have restricted their strategy to target only high net worth customers by offering high–end phones supported by strong after sales services, updates and patches to users at regular intervals.

  • Lower priced handsets miss out on the security updates and quite often these phones use the open source Android Platform.  An initiative of Google Inc, the Android platform was developed to snatch market share away from Microsoft in the operating systems space where it has a virtual monopoly in the personal computing space.
  • Microsoft responded with Windows based smartphones wherein users can download millions of applications from the Windows store but it is nowhere close to the popularity the Android store enjoys.
  • Apple Inc, another major player in the mobile business has its immensely successful iPhone and iPad that are a fine example of high-design but are highly priced aimed at discerning users only.
  • Mobile applications are being developed by third-party developers for android, windows, blackberry and Apple Stores. But only those applications will win that are cost-effective, and can perform consistently on the smartphone screen of end-users.

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