Website Design

Web Designing:  Bespoke solutions for better results!

Bespoke website design refers to that form of web designing that is undertaken to suit individual customer characteristics and requirements. Our bespoke web services include website building, web development and development of web applications.
Our teams of web designers and programmers have just the right blend of experience and expertise to execute bespoke web design projects. Our objective before taking up any bespoke web designing project is to develop websites that are user friendly and easily accessible by the users. They should load faster and should not suffer from the world wide wait syndrome. All these features if present in a website will result in higher conversions.

Building Websites that speak for themselves

Bespoke web designs are very important if you are looking for high positions on all major search engines. Bespoke websites are coded in such a manner that they are easily picked up by the search engine spiders resulting in higher rankings. Our testing team conducts usability studies on the websites before they are hosted. This helps in determining whether the websites designed by us are user friendly or not.
We offer users the functionality to monitor the visitor activity on a site. Web masters can easily monitor the activity on their websites. You will be able to clearly monitor where your visitors come from, how long they stay and how they found you. We believe that analyzing website traffic is vital and will help you gain an understanding of what your visitors do once they visit your website.

Get fast loading websites that can retain audiences

The web applications we develop are flexible enough to allow for any up-gradations or alterations that may be required to make the applications   relevant to the needs of the customers. We develop websites that adhere to all established international web design standards. Our popularity amongst our international clients is testimony to this.
Flash as a web design tool offers users the ability to create rich internet content and interactive applications. A lot of companies employ flash based design for developing their websites. Our objective behind designing web pages is to provide the user with an experience and not just information. Web pages designed in the flash scripting language are dynamic, interactive and full of multimedia content.

Custom built websites within time and budget constraints

We provide affordable web design services based on the flash platform. In fact our bouquet of flash based offerings extends beyond web page design. We offer the following services based on flash platform:-

  • Custom Animation
  • Animated gifs
  • Logo Animation
  • Animated Marketing Banners
  • Custom Audio Creation
  • Streaming Audio and Video Creation
  • Virtual Reality and 3D Web scenes

Other services provided by us include dynamic flash website development, connecting flash with databases, connections to web services, XML data and application servers so you can access, save and display data in Macromedia Flash MX. We also offer advanced action scripting, web page design optimization, graphic design and art direction and development of flash based movies for the web.