Web Application Development

Building fast loading Web applications that delight users!

Our experience of being in the IT solution space tells us that the biggest challenge companies face is to organize information and make it accessible. Organizations want information stored in each of their substations organized and accessible through nothing more than a web browser. Many organizations have hundreds of substations with multiple individuals in different offices requiring access to information. We fully understand the challenge that it presents to organizations and therefore provide customized solutions to our customers based on their sophisticated needs.
Using custom-programming solutions for effective results

By combining the use of databases, custom programming and the web, we at Isosceles help create solutions to make our clients’ day-to-day work easier. We use a database to store your information, carry out custom programming to develop the searching and viewing capabilities that can be accessed from a web browser.

Being in a different time zone, our team of software developers develops high quality web applications at a much lower cost than all other software development companies. We mostly utilize open source solutions to save precious monetary resources and have emerged successful each time. Our deep understanding of the software business helps us to respond faster to your needs. Our response time is also faster as compared to solution providers in the home country as they begin work on your problem from the next business day while we are busy solving it after closing hours due to time differences.

Leveraging best-in-class expertise for sustained success

Our greatest strength is our team of highly talented software developers who have years of experience in building custom software for offshore clients. The tools, custom web objects and classes allow us to develop powerful web applications in substantially less time than our competitors. We will explain you how our web application development practice can help you stay ahead of the curve. All you need to do is to communicate your needs to us and we will design a step-by step approach to meet your objectives.

Using the right mix of technology and design

Through our team of distilled professionals, businesses can leverage the transformative power of Open source and proprietary software to develop robust, scalable solutions that can stand the test of time and market. We help you make smart architectural decisions that accelerate project completion and save time unlocking great value in the process. Integrating diverse software elements is our forte and in order to ensure consistency in development and in ensuring that the developed intellectual property is at par with internationally accepted standards.
Our solutions are being used in mission critical application so it can be easily judged that they are as good as its proprietary alternatives. Your customers benefit the most as the software is released under an open source license and the customers can access and modify the code. Moreover, open source can help reduce costs and enhance your investments with immediate and long term savings.
Talk to us today, if you want to gain an insight into how our development process can deliver just what you want from your enterprise grade web application.