Cloud services

Cloud Solutions for the Connected Enterprise!

Isosceles is one of the best cloud hosting providers in the market given the kind of economical solutions we offer to enterprises when it comes to cloud based hosting solutions. Our services are efficient, on-time and above industry standards as we take great care to recruit the best professionals who have cross-functional expertise and ample knowledge of how resources are distributed in the cloud and the heuristic mechanism of how a cloud operates.

Cloud based hosting solutions offer enterprises with shared resources, information and software to all authenticated users and can drastically reduce server maintenance costs. Just as an electricity grid supports millions of users, similarly cloud based solutions can be used to offer computing resources, database access and information from the client server by using cloud based applications.

Best-in-class Cloud Solutions: Delivered!

It requires expertise and a team of proficient engineers to offer cloud based solutions that not all companies can offer. And the price-value equation Isosceles offers is simply unmatched in the industry. No wonder clients across industry verticals seek our services to economize their IT spends and get more value for their money. Sensing the opportunity at the end of the horizon, product software companies have begun to offer software as a service through the cloud to small and medium enterprises.

No wonder applications are being hosted on the cloud these days as application authors have realized that they can make more money by hosting an application in the cloud rather than selling it through physical stores. Small businesses that cannot afford high license fees of best-in-class applications can leverage cloud based pay-per-use solutions and run their operations smoothly.

Cloud Solutions are undoubtedly the future of computing and if you can establish a strong cloud based platform for your application development or web hosting needs, then you are sure to stay ahead of the curve and can create a niche for yourself in the technology business.

Isosceles: First choice of CXO’s for Cloud Solutions

A t this point we would like to reiterate that purchase decisions are made in the industry after a lot of deliberations by CXO’s and we at Isosceles have always been selected as the ‘Go-To’ agency for buying cloud based solutions and expertise, given the exemplary reputation we have in the market.

CXO’s know for sure that in order to survive in the technology space, they need to have the best tools and manpower at their disposal; something Isosceles can offer and therefore we always fit in the long term plans of technology driven organizations. Business transformation can only happen when you have the best vendors in your ecosystem who can monitor change and can deliver precise solutions for day-to-day technical challenges that are faced by the frontline staff.

At Isosceles, we offer Cloud based solutions at interesting and differential price points so that enterprises both big and small can leverage our expertise and perform well even during periods of sluggish growth. It is our inherent belief that the best combination of technology and talent can help any company bridge any downturns and emerge stronger thereafter.