Desktop Application Development

Enterprise Grade Desktop Application Development: Delivered!

Building enterprise grade desktop applications that can help in improving workforce productivity, customer relationship management and in general enterprise success in the market requires expertise. This kind of expertise is built over the years by catering to top-notch demanding clients who know what they want from their vendors and stay with them throughout the lifecycle of the product.

At Isosceles, we have been lucky to be a part of the growth trajectory ascended by our clients on the strength of our solutions and are now offering these solutions to a geographically diversified audience. Earlier we were committed to more localized client base but now we have gone global with our ambitions as we know that our best-of-breed applications are not only the best in the country but also in the global market.

We understand that desktop applications used by enterprises can prove to be critical and any bugs can translate into losses of millions of dollars. So we have a strong testing team and we leverage the pair programming principle to full effect wherein one person does the coding while the other tests it simultaneously leading to a more flawless piece of code that meets all quality standards stipulated by organizations like ISO, SEI-CMM. We regularly conduct quality audits to ensure that our development process is the best in the industry.

An insight into our development process

As a technology oriented company that has the best interests of its geographically dispersed clientele in mind, we have ensured the development and maintenance of processes that keep the interests of our esteemed customers first.

  • Developing innovative solutions begins with the process of understanding the needs of the customers first that gives us an insight into the kind of outcome desired by the customer.
  • The next step involves the analysis of all the options available before us, the technology to be employed, the type of architecture the product will have and the overall cost that the project will incur. Once the customer approves the development plan offered by us, we proceed with the implementation of the solution.
  • All our processes are aligned to ensure timely delivery of services within the constraints of time and budget. In order to attain the objective of total quality management to ensure flawless delivery of products and services, we ensure that great care is taken during the recruitment process to ensure that only high quality manpower makes the grade and is trained adequately to serve the customers effectively.The net result of this adherence to processes is repeat business that we get from our clients and the fact that some of our clients have been with us right through the inception of our company. Our suite of desktop application services are designed to offer economy, value for money and help in the improvement of a company’s performance in the marketplace. Be it developing customized solutions or offering a complete suite of end-to-end solutions our goal has been the same: to provide unmatched, innovative and out-of-box solutions to the customer.