Why us

whyWhy us?

If you are asking this, then there is a high chance that you might want to step into our fold in order to try out our services and see if we can meet your requirements. Majority of our clients have tried and tested our solutions and have helped us get high referral businesses after analyzing our competencies in the digital technology solutions space.

Our belief

Every type of business, be it a consumer products or industrial products seller, has very unique business requirements. Understanding the ramifications of these requirements and how they influence other aspects of your business requires expertise that is best gained through experience. Our diverse client base has given us the opportunity to learn the intricacies and nuances of a wide range of industry verticals. We, at Isosceles Softwares have developed a reputation for ourselves when it comes to delivering high quality work in all aspects of business. Whether it is software development, website development or digital marketing; our commitment to creative excellence remains unfettered.

How we solve problems?

Our approach before developing or rewriting any kind of open source or proprietary software is to first examine the strengths and weaknesses of a product/service and then design its development strategy accordingly. We analyze all areas of a project like design, security, ease of use, scalability etc, before giving our recommendations for improvement. Our technical team draws out on the principles of mainstream software engineering to create robust web and mobile applications that satisfy all your requirements. We keep ourselves abreast of the changes in technology and advise our clients accordingly about the impact of new technology on their businesses.

Leverage our solution building skills

Be it desktop or web applications, we possess the expertise to deliver solutions that are in sync with your vision and long term goals. We believe that God is in the details and the success of any project depends on the success of its smallest components. From concept to delivery, we remain committed to quality, creative & technical excellence. The diverse background of our staff members helps us to view a problem from different perspectives and provide innovative solutions to our customers. We facilitate refresher training for our staff in both testing techniques and web technologies and conduct training programs to upgrade their skill sets.

Our HR strategy

At the core of our creative competencies lie our people. We at Isosceles maintain our own in-house design and development staff as we believe in having complete control over the development process. It also gives us a lot of flexibility allowing us to handle any contingency. The basic philosophy behind our HRD practices is to promote teamwork and a spirit of collaboration. Our team of skilled professionals includes highly qualified programmers, designers, content developers and internet marketing professionals who have proven expertise in their disciplines. They will ensure that your needs are met and consistency is maintained in the look and feel of the products designed for your company. We ensure that our team members work in a motivated and productive work environment so that they can give their best to the organization.