On-Demand Solutions for the Digital Era

We at Isosceles specialize in developing affordable high functionality web solutions for profit and non-profit organizations. Isosceles provides cost effective web solutions for trade organizations, social institutions and other such large and medium sized organizations which face the challenge of being easily accessible to their members all the time. The internet proves to be the most cost efficient medium for them in achieving this objective.

Our development approach

If you are managing a large size organization or have an association as a client then having Isosceles as your web solution partner would prove to be immensely useful. The advantage with developing a website from Isosceles is that you can customize the layout and design of your organization’s website by choosing from the various styles available. Your website will be up and running in a short period of time with reasonable set up and licensing costs. We will help you translate your vision for your website into a reality at a price much lower than any custom solution. Our professionals will ensure that your site is easy to maintain and becomes an effective tool for communicating with your stakeholders.

Testing methodology

We offer usability testing services to improve the user experience thereby helping you meet your business goals. Our aim is to help organizations get the most out of their budgets by providing them with cost effective communication solutions. In fact, our integrated communications solutions provide organizations with not just multimedia support but also print, audio-visual and web based support. We have been successful in convincing our clients about the value of utilizing an integrated marketing approach to achieve their marketing objectives. Our belief in the potential of the online and digital media is very strong and we insist that our clients utilize these tools to full effect in their overall marketing plan.

Our advanced tech solutions…

Our mobile gaming solutions can provide you with online games, lottery systems coupled with secure payment channel integration from industry majors. The games we develop can either be developed as an online application or as a J2ME based application which runs on a Java enabled device.

Isosceles enterprise level messaging solutions have helped companies develop a reliable medium for communicating with their customers across the globe. Our messaging solutions can be implemented in a variety of ways. Users can choose to deploy the complete solution within the service provider’s intranet or implement it over TCP/IP. If the SMS centre and the application hosting services are provided by different vendors then we suggest our clients to opt for dial up TCP/IP.

As mobility becomes commonplace, the number of subscribers who use mobile devices to conduct financial transactions over the internet is bound to grow exponentially. Isosceles m-commerce solutions help users to conduct financial transactions using their mobile devices effortlessly. We do this by implementing micro payment solutions using the transactional services provided by international payment systems as a platform.