Pay Per Click (PPC) Management‏

Pay Per Click: Get precise Insights into your Advertising Spends

Using our well practiced, comprehensive research and analysis system, we study your competitors’ web sites & determine why they are ahead of you. We examine the reasons for their success and select the best course of action for your web site to ensure that your web pages reach the upper echelon of all major search engines.
The idea of contextual advertising has created one of the most sought after marketplaces in the world. When you pay a search engine for each visitor they send to your site, it is called pay per click (PPC). Pay per click listings are usually marked as advertisements or “Sponsored Links” and appear above or beside a search engine’s organic listings. You pay only when a searcher clicks on your listing and connects to your site. What you pay for is not the listings but for the clicks or click-throughs you get.

How this system ensures sustained online success

Pay per clicks work like this: Users bid for certain keywords that describe your site and the products or services you offer. When a searcher searches with these keywords, they are brought to your site listing. Money is paid only when someone clicks on the listing. It is worth the money, if you have written a specific description about your product or service. They are interested in knowing more about your product and eventually buying it.
Some entrepreneurs are in a fix whether to advertise on small search engines or the big ones. The advantage of using large search engines is that you know that a certain amount of visitors will visit the portal each day and with the right keyword mix you can have them on your site easily.

A snapshot of the PPC ecosystem

There are two major players in this field. Google Ad Words has a larger distribution network across Google, AOL, About, Earthlink, etc. Google with its Ad Words program lets users fix a certain budget and the advertising campaign is designed around that budget. Another major player is MICROSOFT which is giving very stiff competition to this network and is considered a very transparent and responsive advertiser as refunds are quick and fast for advertisers who complain that they have been wrongly charged. Our cost effective services ensure that you get full worth for your money. Besides this we help you manage your limited resources and maximize the return on your investments.

The earlier you start, the better it is

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